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Welcome Back Diana!

A friendly and familiar face is back on staff at the Theatre – our new Volunteer Coordinator Diana Mancel. 

 Diana worked here as Front of House Manager in 2008 and left the island a year later to work on the mainland.  Since her return in 2012, she has been volunteering as a House Manager.

 Diana is taking over for Amanda Smith, who recently left the Theatre to spend more time with her young daughter, Georgia.  Diana will work in both front of house and back of house, concentrating on volunteer recruitment, training and retention—something she holds close to her heart.  An avid volunteer throughout her life, Diana says she “strongly believes volunteerism is an important role to give to the community.”

 The San Juan Island community has grown to be a very important one to Diana, who has lived in many different environments (from Washington D.C. to New Mexico) and has worked in a myriad of jobs (from being a police officer to being a tour guide to owning a shooting range).  She says this new part-time job is her dream job.  “It’s so upbeat.  It’s like working with friends…everybody who walks into the box office I know or recognize,” said Diana.  “I feel like I’m really part of the community.”   

 And when Diana returned to the Island in 2012, she brought along a friend to share her favorite community with: her partner Rich Norris who moved from Florida to be with Diana, and don’t be surprised if he’s seen volunteering around the theatre now and then.

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