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Wow! Talk about young talents.  Look at the number of island youth cast in our upcoming Family Theatre and High School productions.  The photo is from the ever popular auditions for the Family Theatre’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.  Performances are November 22-24.  The high school’s Alice in Wonderland, directed by Jane Maxwell Campbell is slated for January 16-19.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King CAST (characters to be assigned soon; includes a few adults too!).

Carolyn Talbott  Hank Erickson  Aaron Orozco  Ryker Mattox

Presley Clark  Else Dora Arendt   Faith Embler

Fionnoula Bourne  Anne Marie Ryan  Ayla Ridwan

Zoe Wegemer  Olivia Monin  Chiara Power

Allison Fleming  Hannah Greene   Raylee Miniken

Elanor Gislason   Inga Harold    Darcy Ayers

Brenna Crouse   Aiyanna O’Prussack    Madison Miller

Siri Dow  Sidney Herda   Fela Andrews

Dani McKay   Lucy Marinkovich   Eve Hulse

Katie Holmes  Gabe Moonkuster   Isaiah Embler

Bryce Ridwan   Zora Ebanks  Sage Penwell

Sonora Tate  Sierra Fitts  Sofia Kasper  Fallon Taylor

Rachel Starr  Bella Netherton  Lucy Martin

Ava Martin  Meg Carrier  Thea Flierl  Cyrus Rollins

Emily Fitts  Satchel Bourne  Maggie Zehner  Alison Power

Eleanor Rollins  April Cain  McKenna Clark   Betty Furber

Lucy Furber  Sofia Duke  Atziry Orozco   Natalie Morton

Caylee Morton  Ally Sandwith   Floyd Bourne  Tori Zehner 

Stephanie Mattox  Heather Cain   Rita Miller  Carmen Orozco

Scott Dow  Tera Hulse

Alice in Wonderland CAST

Alice 1 Madrona Jameson
Alice 2 Courtney Bell
Alice 3 Summer Fox
Cheshire Cat Skyler Moeder
White Rabbit Kendall Calvert
Caterpillar Tyla-Lynn McKay
Footman Marina Bienenstock
Cook Isabella Brown
Duchess Essine Kilpatrick-Boe
Humpty Dumpty Emmie Reynolds
Five Flower Girls Meagan Anderson, Roxanne Bormann, Jillian Urbach, Cady Wilson & Danielle Reitan
Mad Hatter Halla Warner
March Hare Katana Mathews
Dormouse Rachel May
Queen Libby Andersen
King Nelson Wynn
Two Ladies in Waiting Meagan Anderson & Roxanne Bormann
Two Soldiers Beatrice Grauman-Boss & Josh Sheppard (SHARE THE KNAVE AND COURTIER LINES)
Three Gardeners Jillian Urbach, Cady Wilson & Danielle Reitan
Executioner Tia Wilson
Tweedledee Helen Phelps
Tweedledum Maddy Marinkovich
Mock Turtle Audrey Sable
Gryphon Eric Sable


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