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Which of your island friends is the witch…or Cinderella … or Jack in the Beanstalk?   Stephen Sondheim’s Tony award-winning INTO THE WOODS is coming to the Whittier stage in late April and May.  Check the cast out below to see who you know…then check out a movie on the play (I did on Netflix)—the music is fascinating and the characters and plot are definitely not your daughter’s fairytale…

Baker’s Wife: Deb Langhans

Witch: Jill Urbach

Cinderella: Penelope Haskew

Little Red Riding Hood: Grace Castle

Rapunzel: Raena Parsons

Jack’s Mother: Patti Bair

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Trudy Loucks

Lucinda & Florinda: Bridget Booth & Skyler Moeder

Cinderella’s Mother: Maggie Gallivan

Granny: Pam Gillette

Snow White: Elizabeth Schubert

Sleeping Beauty: Starla Cosgrove

Giantess: Pam Gillette

Baker:Scott Mapstead

Jack: Nicholas Zervas

Cinderella’s Prince: Doug Schirmer

Rapunzel’s Prince: Tyler Strasser

Wolf: Doug Schirmer

Mysterious Man: Doug Rowan

Narrator: Ed Wilson

Steward: not yet cast

Cinderella’s Father: Bert Dayton

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