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SJCT Up To Date

Chiara Power!

Twelve-year-old Chiara Power is indeed living up to her last name…she brought power to her words as the youngest writer in the recent Playwrights “On the Fringe”.  Chiara wrote and directed the short play, Tears from the Media.  The story centered on bullying, Facebook and suicide.  That’s Chiara below during Friday’s show when Tony Vivenzio of Rotary surprised her with a Rotary International  “Distinguished Service” certificate for her work in bullying prevention and education.  The Theatre and our island is so lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful youth in our community!

What a Night to Remember!

Our Holiday Festival: A Night of Stars was full of shimmering highlights…from the food to the entertainment to the glittering dresses and well-pressed tuxes, it was a wonderful success.  And the generosity was overflowing, raising almost $90,000 to our endowment fund and another $70

,000 was raised from the auctions and CATS raffle.  Money that will help with operating expenses and get the Theatre moving quite well into its next 25 years.  THANK YOU to all !

Nutcracker FUN!

Our family theatre production of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King was a huge success!  What a wonderful community experience!  Here’s some stage and behind-the-scene photos of the more than 60 cast and dozens of crew members who made this all happen. 

Snowflakes and Sugar Plum!

It’s almost NUTCRACKER SEASON!  CATS members this week got a chance to see some of the lovely singing and dancing set for SJCT’s family theatre production of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King  Friday through Sunday, November 22-24 in the Whittier.  The classic holiday tale, directed by Penelope Haskew and choreographed by Lisa Duke, features more than 50 island youngsters and several adults/parents presenting the story of the Prince who turned into the Nutcracker who later magically saves Clara from the evil Mouse King.  This version not only features traditional dancing and music from the Tchaikovsky ballet, but also singing (evening a rap tune) and dialogue.

At the monthly CATS meeting, the charming girls pictured performed the “snowflake” dance and Presley Clark sang and danced as the “Sugar Plum Fairy.”

SJS Joins HS Concert

Angel Michaels tells us that the San Juan Singers will be joining the Friday Harbor High School band concert on Tuesday, November 5 at 7 pm.  The band and the singers will perform Marta Keen’s HOMEWARD BOUND—a beautiful contemporary choral piece.

If you haven’t heard the song, check out one of the Canadian tenors sing it on this Youtube video at

It will be exciting to see how the students and adults put their own special touches onto the song—gonna be great!  PLUS..the concert is FREE!

"Out of the Box"

When you attend SJCT’s fall play this Thursday through Sunday, October 24-27, there will be a new air of intimacy in the Whittier.  Director Susan Williams wanted a more close knit setting for Jane Martin’s Talking With…featuring 11 monologues about 11 different women’s lives.  Susan went to John and Penelope who with the help from volunteers were able to set up a special “thrust stage” for the play, bringing the stage out into the audience more and reducing the number of seats available.

"I’m interested in "out of the box" performance space," said Susan.  " I like looking at a space and seeing the possibilities beyond 
its intended configuration.”   This isn’t the first time Susan has moved things around.  She also started the annual summer Night Music series in the Gubelman, which changed around the stage and the audience as well.
"Fortunately we have a production team that enjoys the challenge and comes up with great ideas.  Night Music’s success can be somewhat attributed to the intimacy we created within the new setting and I think audiences and performers will find the Whittier experience deeply altered, more intimate and more provocative."
The photo below shows just how much the stage goes into the audience (that’s Julie Greene on stage rehearsing for her role in Talking With…—seated is stage manager Nan Abel). 


Wow!  What a raving success was our recent joint production with Island Stage Left:  From this Desk: A Reflection on Thomas Jefferson in Three Acts.  We sold out all the reserved seats and Saturday’s pay as you can was a close sell out!  Reviews were great, including shouts from at least one fan: “take it on the road—more people should see this!”  We’ll see what writer Don Pollard has planned, but are pretty sure we’ll hear much, much more about the play. 

That’s Don below (middle) with Island Stage Left’s Daniel Mayes and Helen Machin Smith.

And here’s Daniel Mayes on stage in the one-man play.

New President!

It was the “changing of the guard” at this month’s SJCT Board of Trustees meeting.  Pictured below is Pat Nieman handing over the key to the Theatre to Susan Mazzarella.  Pat steps down as the board president and Susan takes on the job for the 2013-2014 season.  Fortunately, we still get to see Pat as she’ll stay on the board as a trustee.  Secretary Rick Thompson and treasurer Bruce Hansen have also finished their terms. 

The Board of Trustees for 2013-2014 are:

Susan Mazzarella, President        Madelyn Busse, President-elect 

Ken Blaker, Treasurer            Ralph Hahn, Secretary

Trustees:  Dave Aas, Elaine Keefe, Pat Nieman, Mary Sliger, Susan Sterner David Vanderwal, Barbara Von Gehr, Bill Wertz, Brad Williamson,      Duncan Wilson, Jack Yelverton


Wow! Talk about young talents.  Look at the number of island youth cast in our upcoming Family Theatre and High School productions.  The photo is from the ever popular auditions for the Family Theatre’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.  Performances are November 22-24.  The high school’s Alice in Wonderland, directed by Jane Maxwell Campbell is slated for January 16-19.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King CAST (characters to be assigned soon; includes a few adults too!).

Carolyn Talbott  Hank Erickson  Aaron Orozco  Ryker Mattox

Presley Clark  Else Dora Arendt   Faith Embler

Fionnoula Bourne  Anne Marie Ryan  Ayla Ridwan

Zoe Wegemer  Olivia Monin  Chiara Power

Allison Fleming  Hannah Greene   Raylee Miniken

Elanor Gislason   Inga Harold    Darcy Ayers

Brenna Crouse   Aiyanna O’Prussack    Madison Miller

Siri Dow  Sidney Herda   Fela Andrews

Dani McKay   Lucy Marinkovich   Eve Hulse

Katie Holmes  Gabe Moonkuster   Isaiah Embler

Bryce Ridwan   Zora Ebanks  Sage Penwell

Sonora Tate  Sierra Fitts  Sofia Kasper  Fallon Taylor

Rachel Starr  Bella Netherton  Lucy Martin

Ava Martin  Meg Carrier  Thea Flierl  Cyrus Rollins

Emily Fitts  Satchel Bourne  Maggie Zehner  Alison Power

Eleanor Rollins  April Cain  McKenna Clark   Betty Furber

Lucy Furber  Sofia Duke  Atziry Orozco   Natalie Morton

Caylee Morton  Ally Sandwith   Floyd Bourne  Tori Zehner 

Stephanie Mattox  Heather Cain   Rita Miller  Carmen Orozco

Scott Dow  Tera Hulse

Alice in Wonderland CAST

Alice 1 Madrona Jameson
Alice 2 Courtney Bell
Alice 3 Summer Fox
Cheshire Cat Skyler Moeder
White Rabbit Kendall Calvert
Caterpillar Tyla-Lynn McKay
Footman Marina Bienenstock
Cook Isabella Brown
Duchess Essine Kilpatrick-Boe
Humpty Dumpty Emmie Reynolds
Five Flower Girls Meagan Anderson, Roxanne Bormann, Jillian Urbach, Cady Wilson & Danielle Reitan
Mad Hatter Halla Warner
March Hare Katana Mathews
Dormouse Rachel May
Queen Libby Andersen
King Nelson Wynn
Two Ladies in Waiting Meagan Anderson & Roxanne Bormann
Two Soldiers Beatrice Grauman-Boss & Josh Sheppard (SHARE THE KNAVE AND COURTIER LINES)
Three Gardeners Jillian Urbach, Cady Wilson & Danielle Reitan
Executioner Tia Wilson
Tweedledee Helen Phelps
Tweedledum Maddy Marinkovich
Mock Turtle Audrey Sable
Gryphon Eric Sable


News from the Film Festival

Here’s the latest from the folks at the Friday Harbor Film Festival..many of the films will be shown here in the Whittier and Gubelman.

Documentary Film Festival Debuts in Friday Harbor October 11-13

The First Annual Friday Harbor Film Festival will be held on October 11-13 featuring an array of 25 acclaimed and award-winning documentary films that spotlight stories of the Pacific Rim.

 A feast of exciting films and special events, including the Filmmakers Soiree, Kidz Cinema and Filmmakers Forum, this weekend is sure to entertain, inspire and enlighten all who attend.

 Many filmmakers will be on hand throughout the event to introduce their films and participate in a forum on documentary filmmaking, mingle with filmgoers and answer questions. 

 Ranging far beyond the iconic orca and salmon of the Pacific Northwest, the films have been specifically selected for their relevance to this area of the world – covering such topics as fascinating island cultures, revealing marine ecology, heroic adventures, sustainable agriculture, social justice concerns, current environmental issues and stirring human-interest stories.

 Grouped by theme, the following documentaries will be presented.  Descriptions of each of these films will be available soon on the Film Festival’s website,, and trailers of many of them can also be viewed there. 

 Local Heroes: Honor and Sacrifice. Salmon Confidential, Shining Night, The Whale

Explorers And Adventures: Kon Tiki – 2012, Kon Tiki – 1950, Wayfinder, Eastern Rises, Poseidon Project, AWIM – The Awim People of Papua New Guinea

 Things To Consider: Blackfish, Black Wave – The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez, Coal, Good Food, Keiko the Untold Story, Pandora’s Promise, Red Gold, Tiny

 Tales From The Heart: Back to the Garden, Baraka, Brightwood, Girl Rising, Smokin’ Fish, Taylor Camp, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

 The Friday Harbor Film Festival will be easily accessible for visitors.  Screenings will be held at four venues, right in downtown Friday Harbor, all within easy walking distance of the ferry.  For complete information about the event, tickets and travel planning assistance, visit the website Purchase tickets from the San Juan Community Theatre box office in person (100 Second St.), by telephone at 360-378-3210 or on-line at San Juan County residents: Ask for the locals’ discount!

 This is also your opportunity to discover the historic seaport of Friday Harbor, located on San Juan Island, Washington State — named by TripAdvisor as the #1 USA island destination, and the 4th best island to visit in the world!  Getting here is half the fun! For more information visit

 The Friday Harbor Film Festival would not be possible without the generous support of our community.  We are grateful to our numerous local sponsors. 

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